Difference between Coated and Uncoated Paper Used for Wedding Cards from India

An exemplary nuptial requires proper planning in various scenarios and the invitation is one of these. Preparations for marriage start with looking for the proper invitation. Couples have various options available in the invitation, but the wedding cards from India are their favorite choices. These are available in various colorful designs at reasonable prices. That is why many couples select these. There are various elements of these designer wedding cards, playing significant roles in their popularity and the paper quality is one of these.
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Paper material is the one of the most important elements of an invitation. There are various types of papers such as handmade, silk, cotton, matte finish, fabric etcetera used in wedding cards from India. These papers can either be coated or uncoated. You can select a perfect one according to your requirements. However, before finalizing this for Indian wedding card, you should know about the differences between coated and uncoated.
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The coated paper used for wedding cards from India usually has glossy or matte finish. The term glossy means very shiny and matte means subtle shine. Generally, this kind of paper is very smooth and gives a great effect on the printed elements. It usually has resistance to dust, water, and wear. That is why many couples use it when they have to either send Indian wedding cards to remote places or many weeks before the event date. The coating also resists the amount of ink absorbed by it.
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As the name suggests, uncoated paper does not have any coating and it absorbs the greater amount of ink than coated paper. It does not have the smoothness like coated one. However, it is usually used in elegantly printed materials and envelopes for wedding cards from India since it also provides various texture options such as linen, smooth, felt etcetera.

Well, this is a short description about coated and uncoated paper. While buying wedding cards, you can select either of these as per your requirements.

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