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Indian Wedding Cards

Unique Indian Wedding Cards
Indian Wedding Cards are still being used with high craze even we have options for all invitation. A Marriage invitation gives your invitees a glimpse of what’s to return. You ought to spend touch overtime and energy thereon because it will affect how your guests will receive this auspicious news. If you are doing not take proper care of invitations, it’ll reflect that you simply aren’t excited about the wedding. Most couples across the planet prefer buying Indian wedding cards thanks to their elegance and style. So, you’ll also prefer one among these. However, only design isn’t sufficient to place an impact on invitees. You ought to assemble it properly.
Indian Wedding Cards
Indian Traditional Wedding Cards:
Indian Wedding Cards, Generally, wedding stationery includes a call for participation, response cards and envelopes, direction cards, and inner and...

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Essential Tips to Follow while Assembling Indian Wedding Cards

Wedding invitation gives your invitees a glimpse of what is to come. You should spend a little extra time and effort on it as it will affect how your guests will receive this auspicious news. If you do not take proper care of invitations, it will reflect that you are not excited about the marriage. Most couples across the world prefer buying Indian wedding cards due to their elegance and design. So, you may also prefer one of these. However, only design is not sufficient to put an impression on invitees. You should assemble it properly. Here are some suggestions which you can follow for this purpose.

Generally, wedding stationery includes invitation, response cards and envelopes, direction cards, and inner and outer cover. Before assembling, you should have all of these. If you do not have any of these additional cards, you do not have to worry. You can skip it. After that, you should...

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Indian Wedding Invitation Card – Different Generation Opinions

Indian Wedding Invitation Cards are still being used with high craze even we have options of digital invitation. And this fact gives rise to a question that the Indian Wedding Invitation Card is distributed or being used with a different – different opinion. On this point when you go out and talk with people then you will get the different – different opinions. Many will say that this is just a wastage of money and paper and on the other hand others will support the existence of the Indian Wedding Invitation Card.


When we go with the thinking of youth Indians then they will be in favor of digital invitations. They have the advance mindset and think that the Indian Wedding invitation cards are just a waste of time. They think that going to the marketplace and select the wedding invitation card needs a lot of time. Along with that it also increases the cost as they visit different –...

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Basic Ideas Of Wedding Card

A wedding card is the main item that will first disclose to the people about your big day and will put the first impact of how your wedding going to be. That’s why wedding cards need to be perfect and should show the impact of the wedding. Many people will give you many ideas and there will be a lot of overthinking but in the end, you two should be the one who is going to decide what is best for your big day.


1. Save The Date Cards Are They Important?
Yes, save the date cards are important and most of the people are unaware of this step. It is an important attachment to your wedding card. Now it is becoming a little popular also because of the busy life we are living in. this saves the date cards are very useful if you have many relatives coming from a different-different part of the country and so that you know who all is coming and you can get arrangements done. These cards can be...

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Types Of Indian Wedding Cards

Wedding invitation cards are among the old traditional ways to invite relatives and friends for your big day. They speak a lot about your style and taste. These days people tend to choose the wedding cards that reflect the personalities and traits of both bride and groom. As the Indian wedding market has flourished a lot, the invitation card market has also expanded and provided a variety of cards.


Types of wedding cards to choose from:
1.   Simple yet elegant:
Simple things are also the most elegant ones. If you are among those people who don’t want to spend a lot on just an invitation card that will eventually be a part of garbage for most of the people, you should definitely go for this kind of invitation cards.
Budget- 20Rs/card (you might find cheaper ranges as well)

2.   Contemporary wedding cards
These are little expensive ones but also the most beautiful ones. They can never...

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Top 8 Wedding Flowers You can Have for Your Big Day

After choosing the perfect floral abstracts for your Indian wedding cards, it’s time to choose the perfect flowers for your wedding. These blooms add their own charms and fragrance to the whole event. They look enchanting and make the whole atmosphere heavenly. They are used in the wedding decor and even in the many rituals of the Indian wedding ceremony. So if you haven’t already decided upon which wedding flower you are going to have for your big day, continue reading this post.


Know more about how you can use these flowers and what they symbolize:
1. Chrysanthemums
You probably have read many articles that have associated this flower ideal for funerals. But you can see it as the primary flower for wedding decor in many Indian weddings. Yes, the florist and the decorator use this sturdy flower in the wedding decor, bouquets and even in garlands. The good thing is there are much...

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Things to Carry While Going for a Pre Wedding Shoot

So you already have sent your Indian wedding cards you already have booked all the vendors and cut down on most things on your wedding planning checklist. Now it’s time to have some fun with PRE-WEDDING PHOTO-SHOOT. You probably have shortlisted some interesting ideas to make it perfect. But to make it perfect to keep you going all happy and refreshed for this photo shoot, you need a whole deck of things.
Let’s get to know the Things you need to Carry While Going for a Pre Wedding Shoot for a smooth and fun experience:


1. Some extra outfits
Yes, apart from your clothes that you’re going to wear for your photo shoot, it is suggested to bring a few sets of extra outfits as well. For instance, you can have a shot with dupatta flying to add more drama and fun to your wedding photo shoot.

Another thing you can do is to tweak it a bit like instead of going with regular skirts with...

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Indian weddings are incredible. We are so particular with everything be it our wedding invitations or wedding decor. Everything in Indian wedding defines the rich ecstasy. But as professionals, we believe that there are many factors in Indian weddings which will contribute to increasing your costs. Therefore, everything needs to be planned very carefully so you can enjoy your wedding to the fullest without worrying over the cost. Here is how you can save maximum and have a low budget Indian wedding:
Host the pre-wedding ceremonies at home:


Indian weddings have got so many pre-wedding ceremonies like Mehendi, Sangeet, Haldi, etc. You don’t have to go over the top with these ceremonies if you’re planning a wedding on a budget. You can even consider inviting close family and friends to them. Host this at your place and ask your family or friends to help you with the decor. It will save...

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The Pros And Cons Of Each Wedding Season

The wedding date is as important as a venue, the food, or the wedding cards. As important as it is to choose a type of wedding cards like a Scroll Wedding Card or a traditional Indian wedding card. Similarly, it is important to choose which season you would like to get married in. The wedding date is dependent on a lot of factors, and the most important of all the factors is the season. Here is the list of Pros and Cons of every season to get married into.


  1. Winters


A wedding with snowfall outside and a warm cup of coffee inside acts as a cherry on the top of the cake.
You have a lot of variety of food to offer. And the environment helps the food to stay fresh for a longer duration.
The venue can be indoor as well as an outdoor wedding venue would be amazing.
Winters are generally low on weddings so you can get a venue for a cheaper price.


A greater number of gathering...

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How To Write Wedding Vows

A wedding is a beautiful day where two souls connect with each other in a strong loving bond. It involves months of preparations that are seen in selecting appropriate wedding invitation cards for the guests and writing some wedding vows. “Vow” a noun which is directly referred as one of the most prestigious words, swear on someone, or a promise to keep for a lifetime on the wedding day. The word itself indicates the strong bond between the two people who are standing on either side, the one who vows and the one for whom the vow is about to take place.


Wedding and vow, both of the words when joined together all you can think about are the two words “I do.” But before that I do comes a point when you recite your wedding vows and then the priest announces you husband and wife. And the fact that you are reading this blog is that you have to write a good wedding vow before your wedding...

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