How To Write Wedding Vows

A wedding is a beautiful day where two souls connect with each other in a strong loving bond. It involves months of preparations that are seen in selecting appropriate wedding invitation cards for the guests and writing some wedding vows. “Vow” a noun which is directly referred as one of the most prestigious words, swear on someone, or a promise to keep for a lifetime on the wedding day. The word itself indicates the strong bond between the two people who are standing on either side, the one who vows and the one for whom the vow is about to take place.


Wedding and vow, both of the words when joined together all you can think about are the two words “I do.” But before that I do comes a point when you recite your wedding vows and then the priest announces you husband and wife. And the fact that you are reading this blog is that you have to write a good wedding vow before your wedding and you are having troubles in to pen down the perfect vow which can best reflect your relationship. So here are some tips to make your vow the best to represent your feelings.

  1. You need to be very careful and thorough with the very first part and try and give yourself some answers and it would be better if you can record your answers or at least write them down.
    The best thing about your future husband?
    When did you fall in love?
    Marriage to you is?
    The most important thing you would like to promise your spouse?
    After marriage changes?
    Favorite memory with your partner?

  2. Try and pull out some wedding vows from the internet, with some romantic poetries or some love stories.

  3. Once you are done with step two, you now have a lot of good stuff some is to write about yourself and some stuff is for your reference. Use the best lines, punctuations, the feel and above all experience of the writers who are willing to share their experience in writing with you to make your wedding day special. It isn’t hard to connect dots, for example the best thing about your future husband can be the way he defends you with an amazing line from the poem of Dana Schwartz, which would go like this, If I thought for just one moment that this would be my last breath, he’d tell me that he’ll love me forever, even beyond death.

So this is a simple trick which will help you throughout the journey of your wedding. Hope this blog helped you out and we wish you a happy wedding and may your wedding would go for ages.


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