Indian Wedding Invitation Card – Different Generation Opinions

Indian Wedding Invitation Cards are still being used with high craze even we have options of digital invitation. And this fact gives rise to a question that the Indian Wedding Invitation Card is distributed or being used with a different – different opinion. On this point when you go out and talk with people then you will get the different – different opinions. Many will say that this is just a wastage of money and paper and on the other hand others will support the existence of the Indian Wedding Invitation Card.


When we go with the thinking of youth Indians then they will be in favor of digital invitations. They have the advance mindset and think that the Indian Wedding invitation cards are just a waste of time. They think that going to the marketplace and select the wedding invitation card needs a lot of time. Along with that it also increases the cost as they visit different – different invitation card vendors if they don’t like the wedding invitation card in one place. After all this, they think that the local vendors charge a lot for the wedding invitation cards as compared to the online vendors.


It’s not like that today’s youth only is in favor of digital invitation while they are also in favor of paper invitation but they like to buy it from online vendors. As through online vendors, we can easily compare the prices of cards from different-different vendors and then can buy from the best website. The online invitation card market is growing day by day as much of the youth likes to buy the invitation card through online vendors. As here they can get the best value card in very minimal time.

When we think according to the old generation the wedding Indian invitation card are rituals as well as Manohar of their guests. They think it’s a way to invite their guests on the occasion of the wedding at their house. It’s a way to celebrate the beginning of a new life in their way. They gave an invitation to God to come and bless the new beginning with their blessing by offering the wedding invitation card to God at the temple. According to them, it is the “Farman” of the new beginning. It’s the way to start the celebration of the functions of an Indian Wedding.

According to the old generation, the Indian Wedding Invitation card is a way to invite persons as well as God to the wedding. It contains whole information about the family and the schedule of the function that will take place. The wedding card reminds the guests of the date and time of the function. It’s the way to introduce the guests to the wedding families. And it’s also helping guests to know about the wedding and about the bride and groom. It’s like a time table that contains the whole listing of the function with date, time and venue.


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