Latest Styles and Trends of Shoes for Your Wedding Day

A wedding is the most awaiting moment for everyone. One and all have some dreams for their big day and leave no stone unturned to make those come true. Several elements determining the impact of your ceremony include wedding cards, venue, food, decoration, music, dresses, and many more. One of the most significant element here is the visual appearance carried by the bride and groom. While talking about the Groom’s attire, the role of shoes is vital. A commonly known fact says that women have judged a man at least at some point in their life by their shoes. Therefore, jump on the bandwagon and choose shoes wisely for your wedding day to catch the eye of your lady.

Here we bring some trendy standard shoe styles for men, you can choose from,

Oxford is a closed-throated kind of shoe style with a lace front. It generally consists of a vamp and quarter. The vamp is the front of the shoe, which covers the toes and instep, while a quarter in the back of the shoe, wrapping around the heel. Both these parts meet in the middle of the foot. This shoe style is distinguished by shoelace eyelets tabs, attached under the vamp instead of the top. The basic features of Oxford shoes include Closed lacing system, Low-heeled, and Exposed ankle. This style of matching shoes with your wedding suit will be a classy one. Invented in 1825, The Oxford with a smart, clean-cut design will always be a timeless classic and a perfect choice for any occasion like a wedding.

Derby is quite similar to Oxford in design despite having open lacing system instead of closed lacing. This style of shoes is also distinguished by a shoelace system where two quarters are sewn on to the vamp. As the shoelace eyelet tabs are sewn on top of the vamp, two flaps are created into this. While talking about the occasions to wear, Derby is considered a bit casual in comparison to Oxford. It was used as hunting shoes originally, & not considered to be suitable for formal occasions like weddings. Be aware of the fact and design first, before buying a matching one with your wedding suit. The basic features of Derby shoes include an Open lacing system, 3 pieces including 2 quarters sewn together on the heel & 1 vamp with a tongue, and Exposed ankle. It is comfortable and stylish, so it can be a perfect choice for your big day.

Dolce Gabbana Loafers Shoes_198.jpg
The loafer is a different style of shoe, which is a combination of both smart and casual styles. It can be a good option to go to some weddings, but not in all. It is generally used in post-wedding rituals and events like outing, honeymoon, or some meet-up as well. But, a design having a little more hand-crafted elegance or a beautiful color combination can go perfectly with your wedding suit. The basic characteristics of loafers include Laceless shoe, low shoes, the ankle is exposed, Separate sole, low heel, moccasin-like construction of upper vamp, and featuring saddle. It is associated with many origin stories. Giving a try to this style of shoe on your big day can be a great choice for you.

Well, these are some of the trendy and stylish types of shoes to wear on your wedding day. Other than the looks, visual appearance, and style, you should also check if those are comfortable at wearing or not. You should also buy these before some days for the wedding day so that it can become easy to wear.

So, explore and choose a stylish trendy shoe matching to your wedding suit and become the toast of the town without costing an arm and a leg.



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