Make Your Nuptial Classic by Availing Box Type Invitation Card

In this modern era, the wedding card is supposed to reflect your culture and social status. Whatever kind of invitation you select, it should be able to impress guests and convince them to attend the ceremony. Couples of modern generation want everything stylish in their nuptial ceremony that is why they select designer invitations. Most of them prefer purchasing Indian wedding card due to its elegance and uniqueness. It is also one among their favorite choices as it is available in different designs reflecting culture and traditions.
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Couples, who cannot find a desired Indian wedding card at shops, can go online. Since there is a wide range of invitations available over the web, they can find the desired one for sure. However, this task may become typical due to wide availability of cards. If they are looking for the best one that can impress guests, they can avail box type wedding card. This invitation is the perfect choice for couples from the current generation. It contains a box type envelope and main card. Besides these, it has two inserts with stylish design.
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This exclusive variant of Indian wedding cards is made using high quality shimmery finish paper. Its envelope is a kind of box that is made of gold colored paper and can be opened from right side. There is a red color strip with beautifully printed initials on this cover. Main card of this invitation is shaped like a box and made using white colored paper. It is thick and contains names of bride and groom printed on a vintage frame. It contains three folds and a nice design of rose flower. The main insert is kept in the middle fold while the other one is placed in the side fold.

Well, this is a short description of a popular variant of Indian wedding invitation. If you want a card reflecting your culture and tradition, this one is the best choice.

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