Pros and Cons of Wedding DJ and Music Band

Making the wedding ceremony perfect is a heartily wish of soon-to-be-married couples. They keep looking for the unique ideas to employ in different aspects such as wedding cards, venue, cuisine, decoration, dress, and so on. This ceremony is organized to allow the couples celebrate one of the best moments of their life with their relatives and friends. The music is an important part of the celebration. It can make the wedding celebration more joyful. When you hunt for the professionals to play the music, you usually have two choices, Music band and DJ. Pros and cons of both of them are mentioned below which can help you choose the right one.
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The music band will give the live performance and since it is traditional and unique, the band you hire will make your wedding day special with its exceptional music. However, it can be a little costlier than a DJ. It will not always play the songs you want as it will play according to its style. It will not also have a long list of songs like a DJ. However, the members of a band will bring their own instruments and be dressed uniquely. Their music will definitely make the guests come on the dance floor. Invitees, who are not interested in dancing, will also enjoy the event.
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The DJ is inexpensive in comparison to the Music band. It will have a long list of original and remix songs. When your guests ask it to play the songs they want, there will be no difficulty finding these. The major benefit of DJ is that it can keep the celebration going on with its emcee skills. If it has magnetic stage appearance, it can set the mood and make the guests enjoy the show. However, it has a disadvantage as well. If a DJ does not possess any quality of star performer, it can spoil the fun of the ceremony.

Well, these are some pros and cons of a DJ and music band. You should keep these in mind while selecting any one of them.

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