Unique Wedding Invitations for Every Style of Celebration

As the opening act of the wedding ceremony, the wedding card will let your guests know about the events taking place and what to look forward too. The wedding card reflects your personality, your ideas, creativity and style of the wedding, from wedding destination to the wedding suite.

Here are various stylish wedding cards that fit right to your wedding style:

Floral invitation for spring wedding
In the spring season, floral themes will look perfect for the wedding. You can add greenery, flower prints, and floral touch to your wedding cards to suit the season.

Traditional and formal
A contemporary square shape card with formal engraving features pretty blush fame and romantic feel. The elegant oval shape card features a scripted heavyweight paper.

Rustic style
A real wooden sheet features the imprints of the marriage details. The wooden sheets, wooden frames, the wooden pallet will give a rustic look to your invite. You can also add rustic charm to your invite using craft paper, colorful mini bunting, casual font, twine to tie, hand-painted fabric, etc.

It’s time to celebrate. Have some fun with smart and funny text and customized layout. You can make it your own by applying DIY ideas. The clean modern lines, vibrant watercolor prints and a hue of gold, mix match of the bold colors and prints will turn your card in a perfect modern pattern.

Romantic vintage style
A charming script font, an elegant art design features sweet romance with the laser-cut card and pearl embellishment. Vintage-inspired antique gold covers, embroidery, pearl, laces, and ribbons can also be used to decorate the card. Instead of all the floral scroll invitation can add a whimsical and mesmerizing touch to the wedding. you can also order a gatefold invitation which includes satin ribbon, soft glitter and vintage linen paper with floral prints.

Elegant and glamorous
Golden script engraved on dark stationery with a sophisticated design reflect the elegance of the celebration. You can also use designer wedding cards with gold glitter on the borders of envelope and belly band of the card to add a sparkly touch. The bold gold stripes on white or cream card will also spread elegance. An additional peacock feather will attain a glamorous look.

Garden & vineyard
Vivid watercolor floral, a bright and cheery lemon tree, gold foil monogram with a tasteful garden print can be a nice design for a garden theme wedding.

Beach and nautical style
Surprise your guests with your creativity and craft a wooden sail with wedding details, you can also send a beach scene printed message in a bottle for a beach style wedding.

Just explore your thinking and personalize the way you want to plan your wedding, and see you will find something exclusive.


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