A Fusion of Country Rustic Theme for An ExclusiveWedding

The first step toward the wedding is engaging two souls together and the second step could be thinking about how you will plan your wedding, which theme will suit you the best, what themes are in the current trend etc. Escape the ordinary, be you, and follow your own thoughts. You may try to put the different themes together like fusion. You can mix the country and rustic ideas together and have yourself a country rustic wedding theme that can be organized in the barn, in the wood, or in the backyard. Cowboy boots, wooden accessories like wedding invitation cards, wooden slices, branch & twigs, mason jars, lanterns and candles, a typewriter as a guest book, truck for the transportation, wooden signs for navigation in the venue, small bulb, quilts, and bed-sheets much more.

Finalize the barnyard as the venue then décor it utilizing the whole space. Decorate the main wall using small bulbs and place the candles in the mason jar and arrange it in a sequence that shows the shadows of the decorative pieces. Before saying I DO, take care of the seating of guests. You can use dry grass covered with the bedsheets to prevent you from bugs and mosquitoes. It will appear so amazing. Use the wooden slices as serving trays and décor the dessert bar with lanterns, wooden branches, and mason jars.

Wooden table & chairs
Décor wooden tables and chairs in the open area of the backyard and use wooden branches, wild and small flower vases, and white candles as the centerpieces for the table. Use rustic chairs for the seating.

Sweet n dessert bar
To décor, the sweet bar station, fill the variation of flavored cookies in the glass jars, cupcakes on the wooden slicesace in the wooden tables. In the barnyard, there may be an electrical problem. You can illuminate the candles it will provide light and a beautiful view to the table as well.

Wedding Venue, welcome and aisle
Use the rustic flower pots and wooden branches n twigs to décor the welcome place. Use small candles and decorated wooden branches, greenery runners both sides, and decorated mason jars with flower (you can either hang or place it near the chairs).

Use wooden pallets to show the direction of different places, guest seating, wedding ceremony, cocktail area, etc.

Provide wedding favors like bug sprays, mosquito protection ointment. Arrange a generator due to the electricity shortage in rural areas.

Wooden gates and windows for ceremony décor
You can use old wooden gates to décor the area where the ceremony will take place. Wooden frame windows can be used to present the menu, seating chart, etc.

These ideas will change your theme into an exclusive fusion of rustic and country weddings to give it a grand look.


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