Indian weddings are incredible. We are so particular with everything be it our wedding invitations or wedding decor. Everything in Indian wedding defines the rich ecstasy. But as professionals, we believe that there are many factors in Indian weddings which will contribute to increasing your costs. Therefore, everything needs to be planned very carefully so you can enjoy your wedding to the fullest without worrying over the cost. Here is how you can save maximum and have a low budget Indian wedding:
Host the pre-wedding ceremonies at home:


Indian weddings have got so many pre-wedding ceremonies like Mehendi, Sangeet, Haldi, etc. You don’t have to go over the top with these ceremonies if you’re planning a wedding on a budget. You can even consider inviting close family and friends to them. Host this at your place and ask your family or friends to help you with the decor. It will save you a lot.

Go for DIYs for decorative items
Wedding decor might cost you a lot and it will be very tricky to stick to a budget with this. There are several decorative items like candles and mason jars that are not as difficult to source and are cheap as well. You can go on sites like Pinterest or YouTube and learn a few DIYs over wedding decor. Don’t just go overboard with it as then the place will look chaotic.

Be very considerate about flower arrangements
Flowers are quite expensive and if you go a little overboard with them, it will cost you a lot. Hence it is recommended to always do the research and come up with few floral arrangements ideas that are smaller and obviously will be less expensive. You can get some ideas from the florists as well. Always ask in prior as in many cases the wedding venue include centrepiece and flower arrangements or at least the vendor might suggest you some stylists and florists. Go with the seasonal flowers.

Weekdays for getting married
You probably aren’t aware but many venues just charge extra for a wedding on a weekend. Yes, that’s true. Apart from it the season also makes a lot of difference. Offseason wedding will cost you much less.

Local wedding vendors to the rescue
Yes, make sure you choose the local wedding vendors instead of vendors from interstate or overseas. The simple reason is they will charge you extra for transport, travel and time. With local vendors, there are no such additional costs. But if you have a particular fondness for someone’s work, don’t compromise. Contact them and share your ideas and budget before finalizing anything.

Saving on the food menu
When it comes to Indian weddings, the food menu is very substantial. The irony is that it is a tricky task as many couples don’t even know where to begin with. Choosing a venue is followed by choosing food and beverages for the wedding as it is the next big expense. The tip here is to reduce the amount and that can only be done when you know the specific number. Go to choosing the basic food and beverage package.


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