Know About Different Sections of Wedding Card Wordings

Tying the knot is always a dream moment for everyone. Folks love to enjoy and celebrate this moment with all their loved ones, friends and relatives. It is in traditions to request people for their kind presence on your special day and wedding cards have been used for years for that. Although there are several experts and online guides these days to help people choose a perfect invitation card design for their wedding, it is not easy to choose the right wordings for the same. Are you aware of different sections of any invitation card? Do you know which sections are more important than others? Are you looking for some special elements to impress your invitees?

Here we bring some tips and information about wedding invitation wordings.

Although there are several types of invitation wordings available in the market, these are categorized into two different types, including formal and casual. The invitation wordings are further broken down in different sections, each of them having their own meaning and significance. Folks use these parts according to their requirements and understanding.


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The topmost section of any wedding card is Host Line, which basically defines who is hosting the event. Generally, it was considered in early days that the parents of the bride are only responsible for all things. But nowadays with the change in time, hosting the marriage is like honor and anyone can host. There can be the names of your singles parents, set of parents, stepparents, or all of them together.

In other cases, the bride and groom are also found hosting the event on their own. In such a scenario, their names can also be used at the host line. If you don’t want to specify any name, but still want to include everyone, you can use it in a general way like “XYZ with their families”. Going deep into the host line, the mentioned names are all about the honor and not about the promotion of something. There should be genuine names of living persons who can bestow the honor in a perfect way.

Next is the Invitation Line which comes below the host line and defines how you invite the guests. While considering the way of talking, different folks use their unique way of talking and inviting someone. The same applies here as well, where different types of phrases can be used to convey the same message. Some of the sample phrases include “Invite you to share their joy”, “honor of your presence”, “pleasure of your company”, “Want you to come party with us” and many others. This section can contain anything in any tone according to your requirements.

Further comes the Names Line, which obviously contains the names of two tying the knot. Most of us won’t think so much about the section of wedding cards, as it is self-evident that the section will have names only. But still, some points to think about exist there. Generally, the name of the bride is written over the groom as an honor, but there may be two brides at a time or no bride as well. Other than this, the dilemma can be there in deciding which last names to be printed when there are two.

Next comes the Action Line, which simply specifies the event you inviting the guests for. Again, there may be several ways to use different types of phrases to convey the same message here as well. There may be phrases like “at the marriage of”, “at the celebration of their union”, “at the marriage of their children”, “at the marriage of”, “at the marriage of their daughter”, “at their marriage” and many others.

After these all, Information Line comes there which contains some useful information including the venue, time, and date. The section is to convey the information to the guests so that to make it easy for them to be at the right place at the right time. The section must not be filled up with useless information and should be short and precise.

These are some of the very common sections of any wedding card, which contain their own significance. You must be aware of these all, and about the variations of texts which can be used here.

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