Top 8 Wedding Flowers You can Have for Your Big Day

After choosing the perfect floral abstracts for your Indian wedding cards, it’s time to choose the perfect flowers for your wedding. These blooms add their own charms and fragrance to the whole event. They look enchanting and make the whole atmosphere heavenly. They are used in the wedding decor and even in the many rituals of the Indian wedding ceremony. So if you haven’t already decided upon which wedding flower you are going to have for your big day, continue reading this post.


Know more about how you can use these flowers and what they symbolize:
1. Chrysanthemums
You probably have read many articles that have associated this flower ideal for funerals. But you can see it as the primary flower for wedding decor in many Indian weddings. Yes, the florist and the decorator use this sturdy flower in the wedding decor, bouquets and even in garlands. The good thing is there are much shade available and you can choose something that goes along with the color scheme of your wedding invitations. These blooming beauties connote joy, longevity and optimism. What better could you ask for your wedding flowers?

2. Roses
They are a traditional flower ideal for any occasion. With such a rich appearance and mind stirring fragrance, how can the wedding events say no to their charms? Be it for floral arrangements, or large centrepieces, be it for rituals or for bridal bouquets, be it in bridal floral jewellery or as abstract in Indian wedding invitation cards you can see these blooms in some or other way in the Indian wedding. you can use them as the sole flower or even combine it with other flowers like jasmine and marigold.

3. Gerberas
If these blooms are to be explained with adjectives then the list goes as sturdy, bright, cheerful, beautiful, and enticing and on and on. These blooming beauties are quite popular for their bright and enchanting looks which make it one of the preferred choices for Indian weddings. The good thing is that there are multiple shades available of the flower and they even look fresh after a few days. You can have them as the vase flower which can be used as the centrepiece for the tables or even have they used in wedding decor. They are quite a part of wedding bouquet as well. For a light and relaxed wedding event, these flowers become the ideal choice. the blooms are believed to symbolise the purest emotion of loyal love and innocence.

4. Delphinium
There are many flowers that have gained popularity in Indian weddings in recent times. Delphiniums are one such flower that is now commonly seen in many Indian wedding galas. As you can see the glimpses of some of the foreign culture in our Indian weddings, there are so many elements that are added in wedding decor which were not there primarily and this flower is one such thing. With its pastel shades, it can elevate the decor and aesthetics of the venue. You can use it as the primary flower or be playful and have some contrasting shaded blooms too. The flower symbolises a warm welcome which makes it one of the top choices for wedding flowers.

5. Hydrangeas
From something as light as white to something as bold as blue, Hydrangeas are perfect for every mood. Yes, you can use them in traditional Indian weddings and modern weddings too that have contemporary charms. What makes them one of the best flowers to be used in a wedding? Their large size adds their flamboyance in the whole wedding decor. When massed together, the Hydrangeas bouquet looks absolutely exquisite and extravagant. They add up making lovely centrepieces. You can have them for rich royal-themed wedding and even for a casual wedding ceremony with a bohemian theme.

6. Marigold
From the time immemorial, these flowers have been an indispensable part of Indian weddings. You often see them weaved in beautiful garlands or just hanged together at the door or their petals commonly used in rangoli. So if you’re planning to have a traditional Indian wedding, then you can opt for these blooms. You can use the small marigolds or can even go for large ones which are called as French marigolds. The good thing is they come in orange and yellow colors which are considered very auspicious for the wedding as per Hindu traditions. Instead of using them in bouquets or as table centrepieces, try to have them as an integral part of floral arrangements which are set as your wedding’s periphery.

7. Freesia
What makes freesia ideal wedding flowers? There are many reasons amongst which the bright colors and the light fragrance top the list. Their multiple shades make them look enchanting. Moreover, these flowers have a long life and even cost you a lot less than other flowers. You can have garlands for your guest weaved with these blooming beauties or even have centrepieces for the table where you can use these blooms as fillers with other expensive flowers. Now comes the symbolisation- well, these flowers symbolise innocence, purity, thoughtfulness and most importantly love.

8. Jasmine
Jasmine sounds so good and so is the other name of the flower which goes as “malipoo”. The name is often used to address the small jasmine flowers white in colour. These little blooms are considered very pure and hence they are often associated with good omen. They are also used as wedding flowers because they are a sign of good fortune and prosperous future. You can often see them as the essential part of bridal floral jewellery which they wear for their mehendi or Sangeet. They even use the flowers in their hair. Their sweet and heady fragrance adds whole other feminine charms to the bride ensemble.

We hope that by now, you already have chosen your pick amongst these flowers to be the blooming beauties for your big day.


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