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Pre Wedding Rituals in a Muslim Wedding

We are all aware of the fact that a wedding is the most special day in the life of an individual. It is the time to bring into shape our long lived dreams as a child and all those expectations that we developed when we saw that ideal wedding of our relative. Not only does this event change us at a fundamental level but also brings in a life partner who influences/is influenced by our behaviors. And in this context I want to say is that it has a much deeper meaning. A wedding and its rituals though depend on the different religions existent in the society but they all are aimed at bringing peace and keeping evil away. Like every other wedding, even a Muslim community wedding has its own rituals but the basic preparations stay intact like printing of wedding invitation cards, booking caterers or decorators, booking banquet halls, etc.

There are some rituals that are different in Muslim...

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Responsibilities of Maid of Honor in a Wedding

It is your wedding and you have to choose from amongst your friends who shall be the maid of honor. After all the dilemma, you finally have found the most energetic maid of honor. Being the closest to the bride, she has to ensure all her wishes are fulfilled. She is the closest to you and shall take care of everything in your wedding. She shall be your emotional support being the closest to you. It is her responsibility to ensure that everything is carried on smoothly as per your tastes and preferences. It is her duty to ensure that all the bridesmaids are ready with their outfits and jewelry.

A maid of honor being one of the most important person in a wedding has to ensure that all the wedding cards are sent to all the guests in the list. She chooses the color and design of the invites as per the preferences of the bride. She ensures that the order for a wedding cake is placed and...

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A Fusion of Country Rustic Theme for An ExclusiveWedding

The first step toward wedding is engaging two souls together and the second step could be thinking about how you will plan your wedding, which theme will suit you the best, what themes are in current trend etc. Escape the ordinary, be you and follow your own thoughts. You may try to put the different themes together as fusion. You can mix the country and rustic ideas together and have yourself a country rustic wedding theme that can be organized in the barn, in the wood or in the backyard. Cowboy boots, wooden accessories like wedding invitation cards, wooden slices, branch & twigs, mason jars, lanterns and candles, a type writer as a guest book, truck for the transportation, wooden signs for navigation in the venue, small bulb, quilts, and bed-sheets much more.

Finalize the barnyard as the venue then décor it utilizing the whole space. Decorate the main wall using small bulbs...

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Top Cities to Visit When You Go for Rajasthan Tour

The Royal land of Rajasthan is best known for its colorful culture and exotic palaces. Rajasthan tops the list of popular places among all tourist states in India. Its palaces, forts, deserts and wildlife sanctuaries are main allure points for number of visitors and tourists. Each city of Rajasthan has a different style of architecture & culture and various Rajasthan tour packages allow to explore the beauty of these. Here we come up with top 5 places to be visited when you come to explore and feel the Royalty:-

  1. Jaipur
    Jaipur is a semi-deserted capital of Royal Rajasthan with splendid monuments and forts. The city was established by the Kachwaha Rajput Ruler Sawai Jaisingh II in 1727 who was the emperor of Amber. This city is well planned according to the Vedic Vastu Shastra with detailed and artistic architecture. This is fondly referred as a Pinkcity because of its pink-painted...

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Unique Wedding Invitations for Every Style of Celebration

As the opening act of the wedding ceremony, the wedding card will let your guests know about the events taking place and what to look forward too. The wedding card reflects your personality, your ideas, creativity and style of the wedding, from wedding destination to wedding suite.

Here are various stylish wedding cards that fit right to your wedding style:

Floral invitation for spring wedding
In the spring season, floral themes will look perfect for the wedding. You can add greenery, flower prints, and floral touch to your wedding cards to suit the season.

Traditional and formal
A contemporary square shape cards with formal engraving features a pretty blush fame and romantic feel. The elegant oval shape card features a scripted heavyweight paper.

Rustic style
A real wooden sheet features the imprints of the marriage details. The wooden sheets, wooden frames, the wooden pallet will...

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Know About Different Sections of Wedding Card Wordings

Tying the knot is always a dream moment for everyone. Folks love to enjoy and cerebrate this moment with all their loved ones, friends and relatives. It is in traditions to request people for their kind presence on your special day and wedding cards have been used from years for that. Although there are several experts and online guides these days to help people choose a perfect invitation card design for their wedding, but it is not easy to choose right wordings for the same. Are you aware about different sections of any invitation card? Do you know which sections are more important over others? Are you looking for some special elements to impress your invitees?

Here we bring some tips and information about wedding invitation wordings.

Although there are several types of invitation wordings available in the market, but these are categorized in two different types, including formal and...

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Ideas to Make Your Leftover Wedding Cards Even More Useful

Ideas to Make Your Leftover Wedding Cards Even More Useful

People always have several dreams for their wedding day, and leave no stone un-turned to achieve the desired perfection. The success or failure of ceremony roams around several significant factors including the venue, dress, catering, decoration, flowers, jewelry, wedding cards and many others. The celebration begins with distribution of the invitation card, and guests starts getting included in your event. With the fact that invitations offer first glimpse of your ceremony to the guests, their role becomes more vital. People go for latest designs, trends, printing style and high quality paper for invitations, but a very few of them are aware about what best and useful to do with the leftover wedding invitation later.

Here we come with some ideas which can not only be effective but interesting as well.

Make a Wedding...

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Add Your Love Story in Wedding Card To Make it Memorable

Tying the knot is the dream moment for one and all and couples wish to make it memorable not only for them but to all invitees as well. A very large list of preparations are planned and no-one leaves any stone unturned to achieve perfection in their marriage ceremony. Your wedding card plays a vital role in these all celebration preparations as this is your first chance to impress your guests. Your wedding invitation card is like the cover of any book which offers a summarized information about your ceremony. So, choosing right type of invitation becomes more significant here.

Although everyone tries to add something special and unique in their invitation cards to give their guests special memories and feelings, but sharing couple’s real story can be unique element. Well, adding the interesting story of the two getting married will be the most unique and imaginative. It is an element...

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Design Your Unique Wedding Card With Laser Cut Printing

Marriages are always special for everyone whether it is a celebrity or a common man. There are several associated factors with any wedding ceremony, which determine its success or failure. Wedding card is one among those very significant elements determining the success. The invitation becomes more important when you realize that its going to show first glimpse of your ceremony to the invitees. With the latest updates in technologies, the printing style of invitations allows couple to choose something unique and different in their marriage. We’ll discuss about one of such printing style here, laser cut printing.


Image Credit: Hummingbirdcards

Laser cut printing is a ink free technique of designing wedding invitation in which complicated cuts of design are made directly on the paper or wood. The process is very easy and fast and is in trend these days for processing paper, paperboard...

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Latest Styles and Trends of Shoes for Your Wedding Day

Wedding is the most awaiting moment for everyone. One and all have some dreams for their big day and leave no stone unturned to make those come true. Several elements determining the impact of your ceremony include wedding cards, venue, food, decoration, music, dresses and many more. One of the most significant element here is the visual appearance carried by bride and groom. While talking about Groom’s attire, the role of shoes is vital. A commonly known fact says that women have judged a man at least at some point in their life by their shoes. Therefore, jump on the bandwagon and choose shoes wisely for your wedding day to catch the eye of your lady.

Here we bring some trendy standard shoe styles for men, you can choose from,

Oxford is a closed-throated kind of shoe style with a laced front. It is generally consists of a vamp and quarter. The vamp is the front of shoe, which...

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