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Balloon Wedding Invitations – Exciting Way to Fill Your Guests with Joy & Happiness

Sending wedding invitation card to request presence of guests on the big day is in culture, and everyone love to follow this. The tradition of inviting loved ones, family members, friends and others have been taking various forms on different times. Latest designs and patterns of wedding cards are coming in trend these days, and couples are found taking interest into something new and unique. People are leaving traditional style paper cards behind to give their guests something unique and stylish way to memorize their marriage. While there are many interesting ways of inviting guests, here we bring one of those designs to you named, balloon invitation.

While every person has a hidden child, offer them a way to bring it out through balloons. The pattern of this kind of invitation card is all about a balloon with printed significant details about the ceremony over it. The concept behind...

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Design Your Wedding Card in Filmy Style with Little Creativity

All love to share happiness with their friends, family and relatives. It is in our tradition & culture to request presence of our loved ones to share happiness with them and get wishes. If we talk about happy moments, wedding tops the list and who don’t want it to be memorable and perfect. People leave no stone unturned to bring perfection in their marriage ceremony. Among several elements determining success of the event, sending beautiful wedding invitations also plays vital role. Sending invitations to request someone’s presence has been done from years, but the designs & patterns of invitations are changed now. Several latest designs of wedding cards are coming in trend these days and couples are found taking interest in these as well. Here we bring one of such popular trendy designs:

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One of the latest trends in wedding card designs these days is...

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View-Master Wedding Invitations – An Interesting Way to Save the Date for Guests

Marriage ceremonies are made up of several small and big elements determining its overall success. These elements include dine, decoration, wedding costumes, venues and many others. Wedding cards also play significant role in the overall celebration, as these offers the first glimpse of your ceremony to guests. Wedding invitation cards have changed in their patterns, styles, and design according to time, cultural and traditions now. Bride and groom prefer to go with a unique and different kind of customized invitation these days over typical style traditional ones. Here we bring one of such trendy designs:

Image: Etsy.com

View-master invitations are what we will talk about here. These types of wedding invites are in trend these days, where a view-master is given to the guest containing some set of pictures, revealing all the important information about wedding. It is somewhat unique...

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Consider Few Tips to Choose the Best Mangalsutra

Wedding is the most awaited and special moment for one and all. Everyone wishes to make it perfect in all the possible aspects. The beauty and success of any wedding depends on several factors including, venue, food, wedding cards, decoration, catering and other significant ones. When it comes about the brides, the big day means a lot for them personally as well. Every bride wishes to look the most beautiful on her special day and the beauty of bride adds beauty to the overall event as well. While talking about Indian marriages, different types of ornaments play significant roles for bride and Mangalsutra holds the highest place in those. Every lady knows the role of Mangalsutra, but choosing the best one is equally important as well. There are several considerable things before the final decision and some of those are discussed here.

First of all, You must be sure about the budget...

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Consider Common yet Important Factors for Perfect Wedding

Are you going to tie the knot this season? Well, you must be looking forward to make it perfect in all the aspects and won’t leave any stone unturned to achieve that. There are several important things to be considered for a perfect wedding and these all must be taken care to achieve desired perfection. We have brought some very common, but significant factors, determining the success of any Indian wedding ceremony. Find these below:
**Be sure about the number of guests before finalizing the venue to avoid embarrassing situation. Once you get a final idea about the number of guests, estimate the total area according to 25-30 square feet per person. It sounds a bit more, but lots of chairs, tables, dance floor, lots of waiters and many other decorative elements will cover that.
Don’t hope for a fixed budget, because there will many hidden and unexpected expenses. According to the...

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Have a Guest Book at Wedding to Interact with All Guests

Marriage is a very special moment for everyone and both the bride and groom leave no stone unturned to make their day perfect. There are several aspects, determining the success or failure of any marriage ceremony, and folks must take care of all those. In India, the celebration starts one month before and Indian wedding cards are sent to the guest to request their valuable presence. But, everyone wants to try something new and unique to make their day talk of the town. Such a new and western concept is to use guest book in the ceremony. Although, it is a western concept and Indian people hesitate to apply this in their weddings, but it can be fantastic step to have a guest book. There are several benefits of having this, and one of those is to interact with all the guests.

First of all, this can be the best option to interact with all the guests. Although, an Indian wedding card...

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Points to Consider While Buying Designer Wedding Cards

With the changing life styles and ever changing times, wedding cards have also seen a great advancement. Every community and religion has its own wedding traditions and wedding styles, but wedding invitation is common to all of them. When it comes to Indian wedding cards, everyone wants the best and the perfect, irrespective of their religion and community. This is where designer wedding cards can be exactly what you are looking for. Always remember that the wedding invite is the very first thing that your guests will receive, so ensure to set the right tone for it. There are many unique things about the designer wedding cards. Let’s find a few of them:

Light Weight
light weight.jpg
Indian wedding cards are becoming light in weight day by day, making them easy to carry as well as dispatch. This not just means lesser efforts to carry them, but less money to courier to far away family members and guests...

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Essential Tips to Follow while Assembling Indian Wedding Cards

Wedding invitation gives your invitees a glimpse of what is to come. You should spend a little extra time and effort on it as it will affect how your guests will receive this auspicious news. If you do not take proper care of invitations, it will reflect that you are not excited about the marriage. Most couples across the world prefer buying Indian wedding cards due to their elegance and design. So, you may also prefer one of these. However, only design is not sufficient to put an impression on invitees. You should assemble it properly. Here are some suggestions which you can follow for this purpose.
Indian wedding cards.jpg
Generally, wedding stationery includes invitation, response cards and envelopes, direction cards, and inner and outer cover. Before assembling, you should have all of these. If you do not have any of these additional cards, you do not have to worry. You can skip it. After that, you should...

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Make Your Nuptial Classic by Availing Box Type Invitation Card

In this modern era, the wedding card is supposed to reflect your culture and social status. Whatever kind of invitation you select, it should be able to impress guests and convince them to attend the ceremony. Couples of modern generation want everything stylish in their nuptial ceremony that is why they select designer invitations. Most of them prefer purchasing Indian wedding card due to its elegance and uniqueness. It is also one among their favorite choices as it is available in different designs reflecting culture and traditions.
indian wedding card.jpeg
Couples, who cannot find a desired Indian wedding card at shops, can go online. Since there is a wide range of invitations available over the web, they can find the desired one for sure. However, this task may become typical due to wide availability of cards. If they are looking for the best one that can impress guests, they can avail box type wedding...

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Three Types of Stores for Buying Customized Wedding Cards

A perfect planning is required in order to ensure that everything from purchasing wedding cards to guests leaving the venue goes flawless. When your engagement is fixed, you should decide a budget and start looking for the vendors accordingly. Activities of a wedding planning start with purchasing invitations. While searching, you will find a lot of choices in the invitations, but Indian wedding cards are the most popular these days. There are three types of stores you can purchase these from. These are mentioned below so you can decide which one suits you most.
Indian wedding cards.png
If you want to get your Indian wedding cards customized at high level or you want a design that is made only for you, try small local stationery designers. If you choose one of them, you will be able to work directly with the designer. You will get more choices in styles at these stores in comparison to mega ones. If you are...

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