The Pros And Cons Of Each Wedding Season

The wedding date is as important as a venue, the food, or the wedding cards. As important as it is to choose a type of wedding cards like a Scroll Wedding Card or a traditional Indian wedding card. Similarly, it is important to choose which season you would like to get married in. The wedding date is dependent on a lot of factors, and the most important of all the factors is the season. Here is the list of Pros and Cons of every season to get married into.


  1. Winters


A wedding with snowfall outside and a warm cup of coffee inside acts as a cherry on the top of the cake.
You have a lot of variety of food to offer. And the environment helps the food to stay fresh for a longer duration.
The venue can be indoor as well as an outdoor wedding venue would be amazing.
Winters are generally low on weddings so you can get a venue for a cheaper price.


A greater number of gathering as it is a season when schools and colleges are closed for winter vacations.
Wedding Invitations are meant to be sent a little early.
The cold season would make you cover your dresses with a Shawl or something warm.

  1. Summers


Just as winters a large variety of food is available in summers.
As summer has larger days, so daylight comes as a boon to the organizer.
With a bright Sun, the photographer will have an ease to get some pictures clicked.
To avoid Hottest hours of the day, a summer wedding at night would look amazing.


Dresses you were cannot be very fluffy or with layers as the summer is a hard time to beat.
A lot of fans or AC would be required to keep your party cool.
Summer is a season of Weddings so you will have to work with whatever you have.

  1. Autumn


A proper outdoor wedding can be easily completed in this season.
Some deep and dark color scheme can be maintained.
Days are not as long as summer but you can still enjoy a late night party.
A lot less has to be spent on the looks of the wedding.


It is hardly likely that a lot of people could attend the wedding.
It is a financial red zone, so your guests might be all out of money.
If you restrict yourself to an indoor wedding, time can be an issue as well.

  1. Springs


The most beautiful of all the seasons. People want to have a wedding in the bright daylight as they want to enjoy the romantic weather in the day of romance.
Very Large parties can be gathered during the springtime.
During this time of the year, you can choose your dresses freely as it suits all kind of dresses
It is a well-lit season to have some good pictures to be clicked.


You will have to rush to the Venue as all the venues will be pre-booked.
The human body is very vulnerable to catch a cold in this season.
It may rain in your wedding so the choice of venue is very important.


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