Things to Carry While Going for a Pre Wedding Shoot

So you already have sent your Indian wedding cards you already have booked all the vendors and cut down on most things on your wedding planning checklist. Now it’s time to have some fun with PRE-WEDDING PHOTO-SHOOT. You probably have shortlisted some interesting ideas to make it perfect. But to make it perfect to keep you going all happy and refreshed for this photo shoot, you need a whole deck of things.
Let’s get to know the Things you need to Carry While Going for a Pre Wedding Shoot for a smooth and fun experience:


1. Some extra outfits
Yes, apart from your clothes that you’re going to wear for your photo shoot, it is suggested to bring a few sets of extra outfits as well. For instance, you can have a shot with dupatta flying to add more drama and fun to your wedding photo shoot.

Another thing you can do is to tweak it a bit like instead of going with regular skirts with blouses, you can have some shots of that blouse paired with quirky shorts or rugged jeans. You can come up with something spontaneous but you need to have a back-up for it and hence carrying a few sets of extra outfits is necessary.

A pro tip here is to wear something flowy and in dark colors as they go perfect with the vibes of wedding pictures. Anything that defines you or your style needs to be a part of your pre-wedding photo shoot.

2. Comfy footwear for sore feet
Pre-wedding photo shoot takes hours and hours and even involved a lot of walking and in some cases running or climbing as well. Therefore it is suggested to carry a pair of comfy footwear for those long walks. You can’t have perfect pictures where your face shows all the tiredness and struggle of walking down the meadow in heels. Carry something that goes along with anything instead of carrying the whole deck of footwear.

3. A makeup artist or a make-up kit
These pictures will be cherished by you for the whole life. So you can’t take the risk of looking anything less than perfect. Therefore, if it is possible to have a make-up artist by your side as they will help you in doing the make-up and even go for re-touch if you don’t find it fine. These pictures will be held on by you for the rest of your life, so make it all worthy.

If that won’t be possible by your side, then the least you can do is to carry a make-up kit with essentials for a quick touch-up and to feel refresh. Also don’t forget to carry essentials like tissue papers, hairpins, safety pins, wet tissues, scrunchies, etc.

4. Props to add more fun
You can add interesting charms to your pre-wedding photo shoots with fun props. You can actually re-create your first date or your proposal or any other moment you cherish with props.

Balloons, fairy lights, flowers can be used too to add a whole together different mood or scenario. You can even have your furry friend to be a part of your pre-wedding photo shoot.

5. A mini fan to beat the heat
If you’re planning to have a shoot outdoors than a mini fan is necessary to beat the heat. It will help you with less sweating while rescuing your make up as well from melting.

  1. Some food to munch on Also, don’t forget to carry some light snacks and drinks to keep you going. As we mentioned earlier, pre-wedding photoshoot will take good hours and you need something to get refreshed and restore your energy so that you can look good in those pictures and not someone starving to death. The pro tip is to carry few straws and forks so that you won’t ruin your lipstick.

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